Finding a life mission

June 14, 2016


universe representation - finding life purpose

I feel the essence of life flowing through me. The continuous circulation of blood that travels through every single cell of my body. I feel alive and aware of my awareness. While I am sitting here, I realize that I am staring in the blank of the light-colored wall that is facing me, in the […]

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Short story : The girl with the gaze upon the stars

October 2, 2015


The girl with her gaze upon the stars / I still wish

Her hair, which fell to her thighs were full and of this auburn tint, would also play and dance to the tune of the wind; soft and wavy would they go. Ah, freedom, this is what it feels like.

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The universe is a womb

May 1, 2015


Every human being starts his existence in darkness, all alone. From the moment the sperm enters the egg cell, the very spark of life about to ignite takes place in a black place. From this second on, for nine months or so, we live a yet undefined moment, yet the only one that will mean […]

Life is like a Tetris game

June 6, 2013


Life is like a Tetris game. You can only handle one piece at a time, and you barely know what’s coming next. All you have to do is figure out in the moment itself which will be the most convenient way of playing it. A line of pieces represents a problem, once you’ve settled it, […]

A return to writing…

May 19, 2013


I’ve been through a phase a doubt recently. Juggling between the responsibilities that fell upon me, my own needs and wants, relationships, work, trying to do something constructive with my life… It’s just too many things and I realized that nothing is really complicated. I complicated things for myself, because I didn’t know what I actually wanted […]

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Any idea how to defy time?

July 4, 2012


Time, it slips through our fingers and nothing will ever be able to stop it. But there is a way to defy it – do what you love. Yes, it is simple – but hey, simplicity is one of the best things. I have met many, many people who at some point in their lives […]

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Six aspects of your life

June 14, 2012


Friends, family, love, work, studies and personal life… these are the main six aspects that make up our existence. Upon reading this list, I guess you have already seen which was/were the ones you valued the most. Is it family that most appealed to you, or work? It is difficult to attribute the same amount […]